About Us

Royalé Touché was born in an era where everyone’s eyes were just opening up to the multiple possibilities, where the actual potential India could reach was just being realized and where new opportunities were arising – erratically but surely. Somewhere in the middle of this wind of change, in 1978 were 4 brothers – Ashwin Patel, Arvind Patel, Dinesh Patel and Jitendra Patel who were determined to unlock the potential they saw in themselves and create an entrepreneurial empire of laminates. Their vision - to revolutionize the very perception of laminates in India.

It was in the heart of Wadhwan City – a former princely state in Gujarat that their dream first saw its manifestation into something concrete – the setup of a manufacturing unit. And when the machines started running, they created India’s first luxury laminates. During that time, the pan –India view of laminates was as a material that is economic and sturdy but that which remains a part of the background. The Patel Brothers transformed this view by creating laminates whose designs were made to a tee and not a single grain, or line was unplanned; that were made with tailored perfection and with unrivalled textures. Having set a benchmark all those years back, the team at Royalé Touché is constantly breaking our own benchmarks and setting new ones for ourselves, while never compromising on the quality. Each laminate and each laminate series comes with a story - adding on to the design, textures and finishes.

There were two principles at the foundation of this company all those years ago, and despite having reached unprecedented heights, they still hold true.

These simple rules are:

  • Ever-changing designs and never - changing quality
  • A Royalé customer is to be treated like Royalty